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I woke up this morning and decided I needed to take my blog back for me. So, that’s what I’m doing. Right now. With this post.

Last September when I decided to start my own business, I tried to turn my blog and website into more of a business tool to showcase what I was working on. (If you want to see that – you still can, here or on Facebook.) Of course, my personal life still crept into the pages of my blog. But, I felt guilty sharing personal work instead of my business work. I have a dozen personal posts lurking in my Drafts folder that I started before the guilt crept in and I stopped working on them.

So, I’m liberating my blog and reclaiming this little corner of the internet for my soul. My blog used to be a space to explore and share what inspires me. And I need that space back.

This month, I’m trying a photo a day challenge on Instagram. Hopefully I make it more than 5 days (my previous record…) Here’s a photo from the challenge.

June 4, Ordinary :: An ordinary little rose in my ordinary little garden.



It has been a few months now since I quit my full-time job to focus on freelance work and photography. The decision and the time leading up to my last day was scary, exciting, daunting, nerve-wrecking, and relieving all wrapped up in one. I hoped that the day after my job ended, I would know whether or not I made the right decision. But, truthfully, the time since my last day has been a lot of the same, conflicting emotions I had for so many months leading up to my decision to resign.

I was really worried about getting bored. Not having enough to do. Worrying about not contributing to our family, not having employer-provided health insurance, not having an active 401k.

But, I am so blessed that so many of you have trusted me to work on your wedding invitations, family photos, Christmas cards, fundraising and event materials, websites, and so much more.

This week, I wrapped up several projects I’ve been working on. As I held the finished products in my hand, I had such a peace come over me that I made the right decision to focus on this business.

To show my deep, profound appreciation, I’m giving away a free mini-session, with a print release for your favorite image from the session and a custom Facebook cover photo – a $125 value.

Entering the giveaway is easy!

  1.  Like Andrus Williams Creative on Facebook
  2. Share the giveaway image on your Facebook timeline
  3. (Bonus entry for those who read my blog – leave a comment below!)

I’ll pick a winner on Monday night (November 11, 2013). The session must be booked by May 11, 2014 and is subject to availability. Additional fees may be assigned for travel outside of Dalhart, TX.

Congratulations to Rinnell Yoder, who won the giveaway!

Mini Session GiveawayAgain – thank you all so much for your love and support.

xoxo, Julia

13 in 13

It seems this year that resolutions really got a lot of bad press. So many people had terrible things to say about resolutions – why wait until January 1st to start something, no one follows them, they’re completely forgotten by March… I asked so many people if they set resolutions this year – and only one person reported that they did.

I’m kinda sorta overly obsessed with setting goals, but I’ve never really been into New Year’s Resolutions. I like to reflect and goal-set around my birthday instead of the calendar year. My birthday just has more meaning to me than January 1st. But, given the bad rap resolutions were getting, I couldn’t help myself and came up with 13 projects I want to complete in 2013. And, since I think writing down and sharing goals helps you stick to them, here they are:

  • Organize my office closet
  • Clean and organize my garage
  • Work out 3 times a week
  • Take a daily multivitamin
  • Complete a photo a day challenge
  • Organize my closet
  • Frame and hang art from my travels
  • Create a Hawaii photo book
  • Stick to our family budget
  • Improve my front flower beds
  • Hydrate
  • Try container gardening
  • Finish discs 1 and 2 of Rosetta Stone

Happiness Project :: March 19

19 :: Photography. I’ve always loved photos – looking at old family photos, taking endless pictures with my friends, and now composing and taking photographs. I love photographs because of the history they capture, the emotions they elicit, the art that they are. I love the challenge of creating and capturing a moment in time – and the satisfaction I have when I can actually turn a picture I have in my head into something I can hold in my hands.

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