Dear Whit,

Today, you are one year old!

How, in the world, has it already been a year? A little over a year ago, as we eagerly awaited your arrival, I wrote out my prayer for you – that you would be happy, healthy, strong, smart, adventurous, and curious about this world. God answered big time –  you are all of those things. (Though, I wish I had prayed a little less fervently about the adventurous and curious part – you have SO much zeal for discovering new things and I can hardly keep up!)

Just in the last few weeks, you have started to seem so much like a big boy instead of a baby. You’re walking – everywhere. And communicating (mostly to the dogs, but whatevs). You love to bark at your puppies. You shake your head no anytime we tell you “No, no.” You dance every time anything with any resemblance of a beat comes on. You have 7 teeth, and you’re working really hard on another one. You love meat and veggies – and you’re not so sure about sweet foods. But, you, you are so sweet and loving.

And you are so loved.

This past weekend, many of the people who love you the most celebrated your first birthday! You are truly such a reason for a celebration – a physical reminder of God’s love and faithfulness and miracles.

We had games and cake and presents. You had no interest in the cake – even though it might have been the best cake I’ve ever baked. For your birthday, we made you a playroom. And thanks to your friends and family, you have a bunch of fun new toys to play with! Thanks to everyone who celebrated our baby bear turning one!

It is amazing how much you have grown and developed in a year. You are such an incredible little human – and I am so proud and thankful to be your mama. It is been a year of joy and love, exhaustion and self doubt. But this world – and definitely my world – is better with you in it. I am so excited to watch you continue to grow into the person God created you to be.

Happiest of birthdays, baby bear.

Love you,



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