Dear Whit,

You, my baby boy, are seven months old today.

Seven whole months of your sweet cuddles. Seven months of watching you grow and develop. Seven months of love and delight.

Andrus Williams CreativeAndrus Williams Creative

It’s so neat to see your thoughts and opinions develop. You are babbling up a storm right now trying to convey those thoughts. You say ma-ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba-ba, na-na-na, and (of course) goo. And if that doesn’t get your point across, you scream with all the force of your very strong lungs. Good times.

You are a well-documented fake cough-er and faker cry-er. And sometimes a fake laugh-er, letting out a single Ha. It’s pretty funny. Until you scream.

You’re starting to notice the dogs more and more. They usually make you laugh – when they aren’t doing a walk by face lick. You’re starting to pull their fur and ears anytime they are within reach though – and they have been such sweet dogs and haven’t nipped or growled at you.

Andrus Williams Creative

You love love love your jumper and your walker. Anything that helps you move. You’re also an amazingly proficient roller and scooter, making your way around the living room remarkably fast. You can sit up, but you have no interest in actually sitting. You are all about standing. And, you’re starting to pull up – mostly by grabbing the neckline of my shirt, my scarf, or my hair. Good times.

You’re finally getting a hang of the food thing. You love bananas, apples, peaches, pears, avocado, butternut squash, carrots, and broccoli. But, you were pretty offended when we tried to give you chicken and a taste of a french fry.

Andrus Williams Creative

This month, you went on your first long road trip out of Texas, to Crested Butte, Colorado. You saw snow and Fall leaves and mountains. It was beautiful. You slept great in the mountains and your hair didn’t stick up – Mama thinks we might need to move to the mountains.

Andrus Williams CreativeAndrus Williams Creative

And, this month, you spent a lot of time at the Purpose Coffee building with us. You love saying hi to everyone, grabbing the tea towel from the roasting room and bringing it to us, interrupting people’s meetings, and banging into all of the furniture. But even more than that, you love spending time with the sweet and pretty ladies that help us at the building.

You keep us on our toes already – but you bring us so much joy. Your dad and I, we love you, little man.

For always,


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