Dear Whit,

Dear Whit :: Four Months

Four months already… and officially a year since I first found out I was pregnant – and I am still completely amazed by your mere existence every day. And on top of that, so thankful that you are such a happy and healthy little guy – so perfect and truly a gift from above.

This month has been full of so many smiles. You start your day with a smile. Every morning when I go into the nursery to get you, you smile as soon as you see my face. My heart melts every single morning.

Dear Whit :: 4 Months

You’re still talking up a storm – but I must say you’re sounding less and less like you’re speaking English. Your oh goos and hiyas have turned into guttural screeches. Maybe you’re born to be a French speaker? And you’re definitely starting to understand volume and how to make louder noises.

Dear Whit :: 4 Months

You have totally mastered rolling over and keep trying to army crawl around the living room. You’re starting to get the hang of sitting up. But, you really just want to stand up and take off running. Your balance isn’t quite there yet, but your strong little leggies are able to support your weight pretty well. Like your dad, you are constantly testing the limits of your body and seeing what you can do and accomplish.

In fact, you continue to be e.x.a.c.t.l.y like your dad. His new joke is that instead of getting 50% of his DNA, you got 87%. Honestly, maybe more. Everyone who sees you comments on how much you look like him. You are strong and active and curious and determined like him.


We celebrated his first Father’s Day this month. I am so thankful that you will grow up with such an amazing man as your father. I love watching you interact together and know that he will teach you so much over the years (good and bad – ha!).

Whit – you are an absolute joy. We love you more than we knew we could.

Dear Whit :: 4 Months

Love always,


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