Dear Whit,

This has been quite the month. Ups and downs. Lots of firsts. Lots of smiles. A few tears. I think this month we both started living a little more consciously, instead of in the newborn/postpartum haze fueled by adrenaline and instincts. Getting out of that haze has meant things were so much more enjoyable – but also a little more difficult since neither of us are on autopilot anymore.


The month started with the pediatrician telling us you might have cystic fibrosis. And then 24 hours called and said nevermind. (Word to the wise – don’t tell a sleep deprived brand new mom that her baby might have an incurable, life-threatening disease unless you’re pretty positive.) Praise the Lord that you continue to be healthy, growing like crazy, and getting stronger every day.


This month you rolled over for the first time. You had been trying so hard all month long and finally got it. I couldn’t believe the amount of pride that swelled inside of me as I watched you accomplish this task! You, on the other hand, acted like it was no big deal.

You slept through the night for the first time. Thank you, baby, for the uninterrupted sleep! We started sleep training, and you’ve done great so far. Your dad and I feel pretty dumb that we didn’t do it sooner. We’re all a little happier and a lot more rested.


You went on your first road trip, to Farwell. You meet lots of cousins, went swimming, and hung out with your grandparents. I was away from you for a whole day for the first time (and we all survived to tell about it – even Nana and Grandpa James). You went to church for the first time. And to the farm for the first time. And to SAMs for the first time. Really important milestones.

You’ve started laughing. One day, you said, “Hiya!” So I told you that ninjas say hiya, and your daddy would really like you to be a ninja. You thought that was hilarious, and let out a real chuckle. I almost cried it was so cute.


And we celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Thank you for the new patio decor – so thoughtful of you. I am so thankful for you, little man, and so happy to be your mother.

Happy 3 months.

Love always,


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