Can nesting happen AFTER baby comes? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening.

I worked all the way through my pregnancy, right up until the week Whit was born. And I just didn’t have the energy for true nesting. Now, having been cooped in my house for almost three months – the urge to really nest is setting in. To clean. To organize. To streamline. To simplify. To get rid of. To sell. To donate.

As I look around, I have nice things, that I like, but they just aren’t right for me anymore. Clothes that don’t quite fit right. Shoes that are a little too snug. Purses that I never use. Decor that no longer has a home. Things that I don’t want to just give away – but that I don’t want taking up space in my life anymore. They are sitting in closets, waiting to be loved again. To be given a new purpose.

A few weeks ago, I was telling my mom how I wished someone would host a charity garage sale that I could send my stuff to. And then I realized I’m involved with a charity doing some pretty amazing work around this world. Hey, why don’t I have that garage sale?!

And so, we are having a multi-family garage sale this Thursday, with all funds going to Purpose Coffee and our efforts to care for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. (There are additional garage sales happening across the street – so lots of shopping to be done!)

Thank you so much to those who have donated to the garage sale, giving us a wide selection of sizes and styles! Shop clothes, home decor, kitchen goods, kids stuff, and more!

Shop for a PurposerePURPOSE

As I’ve gone through my things and found so much that I don’t mind parting with – it really got me thinking. This needs to be a life change for me.

I want every aspect of my life to have purpose and to be meaningful. And that extends to the things I own. I want my home to reflect our style and personality as a family. I want my closet to be filled with clothes I want to wear. I want my storage closets to house loved items.

So, I’m trying a new avenue to clear out these items that don’t quite fit my purpose. The online store, rePURPOSE, will feature only new, like new, and very gently used goods, with all of the funds going to Purpose Coffee’s Child Wellness Fund.

Follow the rePURPOSE account on Instagram for regular updates. I’m happy to ship or can arrange local pickup. I hope you’ll find something and give it a new Purpose in your life.

My first sale is in honor of Memorial Day this week, featuring red, white, and blue outfits, with items starting at just $5!


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