Dear Whit,

Time keeps marching by – a little too quickly – and today you’re two months old. You’ve changed so much and hardly even resemble that tiny, raw newborn we brought home two short months ago. You’re big and strong and healthy. You’re still so alert and interested in the world. Luckily, you’re a little less interested in ceiling fans and a little more interested in the faces smiling at you.

WMW :: 2 MonthsWhen I was still pregnant and dreading late night feedings, my mom always said that time would be the most precious part of my day. And she was right. Your 11 o’clock feeding has quickly become my favorite part of my day. I sit, with you in my arms as you fight off sleep to finish your bottle. I look over to see our sweet puppies and my resting husband. Oh the peace that floods my heart as I thank God for you, and this family we have, and the blessed little life we lead.

WMW :: 2 Months

This month, your personality has really started to emerge. You’re smiling all the time and have let loose a few little giggles.

You’re talking so much. In fact, you technically said your first word. Goo. As in, “Hey mom, there’s some goo in my diaper.”

And you absolutely love music. You dance and sing along, no matter what music is playing. Latin music, country music, my very off-tune singing – it all brings a smile to your face and some movement to your legs.

WMW :: 2 MonthsWMW :: 2 Months

When I think back over month two, the thing that stands out the most is how you’ve bonded with your dad. I had a doctor’s appointment and left you two together for 5 hours. (I might have snuck in a little shopping too….) That night, with a smile on his face, your dad said, “We bonded today.” And boy did you.

For a while, your smiles were reserved for him. And you clearly like his singing better than mine (admittedly, he can carry a tune and is a better rhymer than me…). Every morning and every night, no matter how early he has to go to work or how tired he is at night, he is so excited to see you, talk to you, and get one of your amazing smiles. And every morning and night, my heart bursts with happiness watching Russell and his mini me.

WMW :: 2 monthsWeights

We have loved (almost) every second of the last two months. You’re an amazing little human and I love getting to know you.

Love you for always, little man.




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