This year, I made an unofficial New Years Resolution – and it has stuck way better than any real resolution I’ve ever made. I decided to start trying in life. To put more thought into things. To be intentional.

One of the more fun ways that I decided to start trying in life is in regards to how I dress. I’ve always been a sale shopper – I would buy something simply because it was 75% off, with little regard to how it fit me much less how it fit in my wardrobe. I ended up with a lot of clothes that didn’t really look that great on me and that didn’t match anything else in my closet. I felt like I could hardly put together a complete outfit.

So, I cleaned out my closet. Ruthlessly. Anything that I didn’t absolutely, 100 percent love or have a very specific reason for owning, I got rid of it. It made it so much easier to see the items that I actually do like. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier.


And then I started wearing accessories. I’ve always been too cheap to buy jewelry, purses, and other accessories (shoes not included – as you can tell from the above picture!!). So, I finally forced myself to make the investment in a few pieces that I really love and can wear with a lot of different outfits – some Kendra Scott jewelry, a Kate Spade purse, and a belt from B. Whimsy. They’ve each made a huge difference for finishing an outfit.


Last, I signed up for an online personal shopping service, called Stitch Fix. For a $20 styling fee, they send a box with 5 items that a stylist thinks I’ll like and will look good on me, along with a few suggestions on how to wear the clothes. They consult a Pinterest board I created, as well as a style profile that I filled out online. If I keep one of the items, the $20 fee goes toward the purchase price. If I keep all 5 items, then it’s 25% off the entire purchase.

A few weeks ago, I got my 4th Fix. I won’t lie – there have been a few misses along the way. But also some really great pieces! I can tell that the stylists really take my requests and feedback into consideration when picking out what to include in my next Fix.

It is so amazingly fun and convenient to have a box of cute, affordable clothes delivered to my door every month! Stitch Fix Day has quickly become my favorite day of the month!

(Plus, I get a $25 referral credit when my friends sign up! Use this link to learn more:

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