A few weeks ago, I decided and announced that I am going to resign from the non-profit I work for. It was a long and very hard decision; one that I came to for a number of reasons. After having a few weeks to fully digest the decision, I am at peace with my decision and am excited to focus exclusively on freelance marketing, design, and photography work.

When I made my 30 before 30 list, I planned that I would use my last paycheck to accomplish Number 25 on my list – buy myself a nice piece of jewelry. I originally figured that I would buy a nice watch, since the only one I’ve ever had was a Timex sports watch in 3rd grade. And I hoped by the time I turn 30 that I would be mature enough to wear a watch and maybe even be on time occasionally.

Instead, I fell in love with this ring… So much for maturity…


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