Since making my 30 before 30 list a few years ago, I’ve realized that I made some pretty big errors when coming up with that list – the biggest being that half of them aren’t measurable and can’t be easily checked off a list. The others all represent experiences that I still fully want to have and accomplish, but when combined, they make for a very daunting list of things to cram in over the next 4 years.

When I talk to Russell about these issues, he always takes the opportunity to proclaim that that’s the problem with setting goals – you feel bad when you don’t live up to them. But, really, I think that’s the problem of setting the wrong goals. On the other hand, setting the right goals (which I think come about through very careful and thoughtful self-reflection – another activity Russell doesn’t like to engage in!) can be the best motivation to continue progressing on the journey toward life happiness, experiencing new things, places, and emotions along the way.

As a committed goal-setter, I’m still giving it my all to accomplish as many of the goals as I can – though, I’ve started to realize that I might have to cheat a little on some of them. And considering that my final (unmeasurable!) goal is to be genuinely at peace at 30 – I’m just going to have to accept this.

One of the goals that I am particularly nervous about accomplishing is 19. Do a wine tour of Napa Valley. I am absolutely confident that I’ll go to Napa sometime in my life; it just might not be before I turn 30. So, when I visited one of my favorite couples in San Diego last week, we spent the weekend visiting vineyards and wineries in nearby Temecula Valley. It was gorgeous. And fun. And delicious. And I think it might just have to count for my wine tour goal.

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