I’m usually really excited for my birthday. I think about what I want Russell and I to do to celebrate. I figure out a present to buy myself. I look forward to well wishes from family and friends.

I also use my birthday to think about and chronicle what I’ve done and accomplished – and what I need to work on. I’ve started giving myself goals for each year and certain things I want to work on to improve myself and my life.

I think it’s because of this that I’m not very excited about 26.

Days away from no longer being 25, I’m forced to own the fact that I’ve completely and utterly failed at my 25 goals. As I look back on my list of goals – I didn’t accomplish a single one of them! I could give the normal excuses – I was busy, we moved, etc. But, the truth is, I hardly even tried.

I suppose it would make sense to carry those goals over to 26 – and, you know, actually try this time. But, I’m not. They’re going in the trash.

July 5th will mean a clean slate. And I have one goal: creativity. To explore it, understand it better, practice it.

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