A few weekends Russell and I, along with two other couples, visited Las Vegas. It was my first time to visit the city for fun, rather than for work conferences. It was a great visit; we did a little of everything – saw a show, went shopping, saw the sights, sat by the pool, went to the night clubs, gambled a little, and ate… a lot.

We stayed at the Wynn. It was gorgeous. Luxurious yet completely comfortable. And the view from our room was amazing (top two photos).

We had so many great meals that I honestly can’t remember them all. The first night we at Lakeside at the Wynn. The seafood was tasty and the nighttime shows by the lake were… interesting. That’s truly the most forgiving word I can think of when the show consists of a massive singing frog. The second night we ate at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut. The lamb was so amazing – better than the steak, in my opinion. We followed that meal with brunch the next morning at Bobby Flay’s Mesa. Definitely the best grits I’ve had – and that’s coming from a Southern girl! The last night, we ate at the Mandarin Oriental’s MOZen. Wow. It was by far my favorite meal. The restaurant offers custom bento boxes, made of small plates of a variety of Eastern foods – Indian, Korean, Thai, Japanese, etc. And the sushi was great too. As if that weren’t enough, we also ate at the Wynn breakfast buffet. Twice. All you can eat of every kind of food – and all of it was delicious. To top that off, there was an entire room of different desserts.

We saw Le Reve the first night in Vegas, which is kind of like O. The athleticism was out of this world. How they found a whole cast of people who are strong, graceful, flexible, coordinated – and great swimmers and divers – I’ll never understand.

And of course we did some sightseeing. As always, the people where the best sights we saw. And, as an added bonus, Russell didn’t make me go back to the Star Trek exhibit. Instead, we checked out a Monet exhibit. Whose idea do you think that was?

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  1. Kristin Murdock
    May 16, 2012 at 3:20 PM (6 years ago)

    I have been absent for a while — but HI! 🙂 Oh em gee I’m right there with you on Mesa Grill. So good! We are headed to Vegas for a few days in June and this post is making me really look forward to it!


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