A few months ago, I listened to NPR for several hours to help pass the time as I drove through very boring West Texas to Austin to visit my family. During this particular drive, the radio host discussed careers – and more specifically, starting a new career. She said that most people will cite financial reasons for not pursuing a different adventure – but when you really press them, the reason is almost always a fear of failing and being a novice again.

I came away from the segment with a clear message – just do it. Get over it, and do it.

For several months – years even – I’ve wanted to pursue starting a side business in photography and design. I’ve let those fears and uncertainties keep me from doing that. But, I’ve finally decided to just do it. To get over it and do it.

So, I redesigned and am relaunching my website to include some of my photography and design work. I hope you’ll look through my portfolios. As a novice, they are, of course, a work in progress. But, I look forward to adding new projects over the coming months and years.

If you’re interested in a photography session or a custom design project, please contact me.

Thank you for visiting my website – and thank you for your support.

Click the image to explore my portfolio

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