30 before 30 goal number 9: Start and maintain my own garden.

This is one of the goals that I’m most excited about. Growing up, I used to always help my grandparents with their various gardens. They had vegetables, fruits, more roses than any one backyard should have, and butterfly gardens. They were gorgeous.

My memories of how beautiful their gardens were seem to have trumped my memories of how much work they were. But, today, as Russell and I started working on a small vegetable and herb garden in our backyard, I was quickly reminded how hard gardening is.

Our biggest problem was this:

A semi-truck load of pea gravel. This used to be the perfect ground cover for a play set. Not the perfect ground covering for a garden. We spent months trying to figure out what to do with all of this pea gravel. Everyone told us to just leave it for when we have kids who want a play set. But, Russell and I are both very adamantly anti-play set and pro-garden. Like, we’re both really passionate about both of those things. And that’s reason #549 that I married that man.

After failed attempts to get rid of the gravel, we decided to simply build our garden beds right in the gravel.

So, we went to Lowe’s today, bought all of the supplies. And we Russell got to work.

After almost 5 years of showing Russell just how clumsy and unaware I actually am, we decided that I’m not allowed to use power tools. So, I watched him for a while, took some pictures, jumped on the trampoline, went to get drinks for him…

See, this is me sitting and not helping:

Eventually, he made let me help. After building the beds, we had to dig out where they would be. We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled.

I must say, I liked it better when I was just watching him do the work. Believe it or not, I don’t do much shoveling. And my shoveling muscles are very underdeveloped.

But, eventually, we got the beds in and the gravel somewhat level.

And, because I’m a girlie girl. Because my mom let me have pink shoes when I was 6 months old. Because my grandpa started painting my nails when I was 2. Because I love all things with sequins and feathers and beads. Basically, because I love frou-frou things, I added these to my garden beds.

And I love them.

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