Until December 23, 2010, I was a city girl. I had daily lattes, shopped a little too often, relied on public transportation, and rejected the thought of ever living in the country. When my husband and I decided to leave it all for West Texas to farm, life changed completely. Read my “Farmwife Confessions” to learn about the transition.

Confession about my confession: this is really Russell’s truck. I’m not allowed to drive it. But, it stands that our family owns a giant truck and an SUV. Al Gore should be calling any minute now to blame climate change on us.

A list about our new truck:

1. It costs over $100 to fill up with gas.

2. On our drive from DC to Texas, we got averaged around 12 miles per gallon.

3. It’s so big that I have a hard time getting into the truck.

4. It has air conditioned seats. Who knew that existed?

5. It was SO out of place for the two days that we had it in DC.

6. But it’s perfectly at home in Texas.

7. It’s so tall that I can see down into other people’s cars. So, small car drivers of the world, I’m watching.

8. We should probably have “Wide Load” painted onto it – it needs extended mirrors to see properly.

9. I secretly like it.

10. Don’t tell Al Gore. I’ll deny everything.

2 Comments on Farmwife Confession: The Big Red Truck

  1. Brigid Garnett
    January 17, 2011 at 10:56 AM (7 years ago)

    I like your Red truck also–it would do great on a long trip to Dallas!!!! Glad you are back in Texas and settled in the beautiful country being a farmer’s wife!! When do you start riding and roping?????

    • admin
      January 19, 2011 at 10:06 PM (7 years ago)

      Besides the low gas mileage, it is wonderful for traveling. So much room and very comfy seats!


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