Now that Russell and I have made our decision to move to Texas and farm, the bigness of that decision is really setting in – both the good and the bad that comes with such a huge life decision.

When I tell people about this decision, they react in one of two ways – either they think we are totally enlightened for pursuing this new life, or they think we are absolutely bonkers for giving up life in a big city with endless job opportunities.

I’m not quite sure which is the right reaction.

There are certainly scary, and sometimes maddening, aspects of this decision. Running through my mind are sentiments like “Ahhh, our house hasn’t sold,” “What if we don’t like it?” and “It smells like cow poo there.”

And yesterday, I made the mistake of looking at job openings in the area, noting that the only possibility was becoming a sales clerk at Hobby Lobby. While I sure would love that discount, it made me feel like I’ve wasted $150,000 on education. Not the best feeling.

But, then, there are ten times as many fabulous things about this decision. Little things like, “I never have to ride a DC bus again!” to bigger things like being close to family and friends, having more freedom, and (hopefully) leading a less stressful life.

I guess the best way to put it is that I see it as a place where I can become the person I want to be. Where I can devote my energy to my family; where I can focus on growing personally; where I have time to do things that I love.

So, maybe we are a little bonkers for leaving behind great job opportunities – but, I think we’re at least a little enlightened for pursuing a life with more opportunities on a personal and emotional level.

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