Tonight, Russell and I stumbled upon a poetry contest for high school students on HBO. There were some pretty awesome messages, some strange ones, and some heart-wrenching. Watching it, I was encouraged by that age group for one of the first times.

One poem in particular moved me to tears, as I was forced to come face to face, once again, with how blessed I’ve been in my life. Sure, I was lucky to grow up in a good environment, be financially stable, not have too many negative influences. But, this really reminded me how lucky I was to have people who believed in me, who loved me, who pushed me to be the best me possible. My parents, grandparents, church leaders, friends all believed in me. And so many people in this world have no one.

I hope I can be that someone to someone in this life.

Here’s the poem:

I hope this – or another one of the poems – makes you think.

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