If you asked me how my day was, I would say it was okay. Just fine. Nothing special.

Absent from my answer would be all of the good moments that occurred all day long.

All too often, that’s how I operate. I live in the big picture, rarely noticing the details – and rarely caring that I missed them.

But, when it comes down to it, the details are more important than the big picture.

A detail – one that I pay no attention to – can make or break the big picture. One little errant detail can ruin a product, an event, a day. Just as one extraordinary detail can make a product, an event, a day, and turn it into something amazing.

With this in mind, I set out to cherish the good moments in my day today.

It started this morning when I actually got out of the house on time, even with that blessed extra 30 minutes of sleep. Then, the bus pulled up to the stop right as I walked up to it – and the same happened this afternoon. The line at Starbucks was almost non-existent. I accomplished a lot at work without feeling stressed. The sun is shining after days of rain. And now I’m on my way home to spend the evening with a man who loves me and the world’s cutest dogs.

It’s these kinds of individual moments that  make a day – and individual days that make up our lives. A happy life is all about cherishing the little details.

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