When Ru and I were first talking about getting dogs, he commented that he didn’t want boring dogs. Our dogs are many things – hyper, destructive, loud, overly-curious, crazy, emotional, expressive – but boring is certainly not a word to describe them. They are not the kinds of dogs you see walking down the street calmly or laying on the porch on a nice afternoon. Instead, they are pulling us to the park and barking at everything that walks past our house.

But, there are those rare moments, when they are tuckered out, that they become so calm, sweet, and loving. So, I captured a few of those moments, where the little guys make my heart ache because they’re just so dang cute.

But, of course, a few minutes (or hours, if I’m lucky!), they’re back to doing something else mischievous. Here, Max wanted to help us paint the house, but didn’t realize Ru was painting the door, not the furniture…

They might be a handful, but I wouldn’t trade these pups for anything.

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