The last week has been emotional—a mix of ups and downs.

The week kicked off on a bad note, when I learned that our hotel in Mexico had messed up everyone’s reservations. Russell and I didn’t even have a room, while others were in the wrong kind of room. Two days of e-mails and phone calls and the hard work of my new friend Lupita, everything is sorted out.

On Tuesday, FedEx accidentally sent back the sash to my wedding dress before they were supposed to. We got there right before the shipment went out. Our new friend Holly spent over an hour digging through boxes to find the sash. And, because of her dedication, my wedding outfit is complete.

On Thursday, we ordered a cab driver for 4:30 am to get us to our 6:00 am flight. He didn’t show. 25 minutes later, a new cab shows up, drives like a bat out of hell, and gets us to the airport on time.

You get the picture: if there could be a little stress added to a situation, it’s there! It seems that nothing can just go smoothly.

At first, this was bothering me. I didn’t understand why there had to be that bit of stress laced through each step of our journey to the alter. I know that weddings are stressful, but I’ve done everything I can to limit that stress. And, yet, it pops up regularly.

But, looking back on the past week, I’ve almost become thankful for the little stresses. They made the mundane situations more exciting and joyous when they worked out. Had FedEx not sent my sash back too soon, there wouldn’t have been that 20 minutes of pure joy that Holly found it. Instead, I would have just picked up the sash and gone on my way—not thankful, nor joyous.

I’m sure there are many lessons here: to find the joy in every mundane thing, even if there isn’t the stress. To not stress the stress too much. To always have faith that it will work out. To find the right people to trust to help you through life.

The next week will likely be filled with more stressful moments. But this time, I’m armed with a better attitude to handle them.

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