Menu cards: check.

Escort cards: check.

Ceremony programs: check.

Guest books: check.

I spent what felt like the entire weekend working on wedding tasks. And, I’ve crossed off almost every one of my to-dos. Well, at least the ones I can do now.

With so much crossed off of my to-do list, I can finally focus on all of the excitement around this monumental event instead of the stress. And, man, there’s a lot to be excited for! Here’s my top ten list:

10. Going to Texas—my real home!

9. mmmm yummy BBQ and Mexican food. The food in Texas is way better

8. Oh, and the food in Mexico. Definitely looking forward to that. (What do you think it says about me that 2 of my top 10 things I’m excited about involve food?!)

7. Relaxing in Mexico. Enough said.

6. Spa day.

5. Wedding planning being oooooover! I’ve had to make waaay too many decisions over the last 10 months.

4. Having lots of time to visit with my family and friends who I don’t get to see enough.

3. Getting to say “my husband.” I’ve had a hard time transitioning to “my fiancé” since Russell was “my boyfriend” for so long. But, I don’t think I’ll have any problems transitioning to “my husband.”

2. Standing before God and the people I care most about and declaring my everlasting commitment and love to Ru.

1. Giving our relationship the recognition it deserves—it’s not young love or a silly fling. This is the real thing.

YEE! I can hardly contain my excitement!

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