There is a sign at my gym that says, “Life is the longest thing you’ll ever do. So, live it up.”

In the day to day monotony, I think of my life as being too routine, and I worry that I don’t “live it up” enough. In fact, I made this 30 before 30 list and blog to combat the routine aspect of my life.

But, on my 24th birthday today, I look back on 23 and am amazed at just how much I did. Let’s see…. I moved (again…). I went to Africa. Twice. And Mexico. I got engaged and planned a wedding. I got two dogs. I survived three blizzards—and even shoveled snow myself. And that’s just a few of the big ones.

I guess my lesson of the day is that I can’t get too caught up in the details to the point of being blind to the bigger picture. After all, it was a pretty eventful year even if life sometimes feels routine. And I have a feeling, this next year will be even bigger.

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