On the Fourth of July weekend, it seems that everyone who lives in DC leaves the city for nearby beaches, while everyone else floods the city for a weekend of patriotic glory.

Ru and I decided to stay in DC for the holiday and play tourist. Today, we went to the National Arboretum. It’s really embarrassing, actually, that we hadn’t been before. This massive oasis from the concrete jungle is a mere two minutes from our house.

Unable to take the shame of having never gone (and wanting to have some sort of a “getaway”) we took the doggies for an afternoon hike.

As soon as we turned into the gardens, it was like we were in a different part of the country. There wasn’t a single thing that would clue you into the fact that you’re in the middle of a large city.

We hiked, explored gardens, even saw some “ancient” architecture. It was really the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Goes to show how much more enjoyable life can be if you simply walk along a different path one day.

Check out the photos….

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