A big part of me wishes I had moved back to Texas yesterday, so that, today, I could be in the Lone Star State with my family, good Tex-Mex, and a Shiner. Each day that I miss the bus, or that the weather sucks, or that people are rude, or that I get lonely, I think about how badly I need to move back to my home.

And, then, there are days that I fall in love with DC all over again. Today was one of those days.

After a-way-too-long streak of days that feel over 100 degrees and over 1,000% humidity, the weather drastically improved. So, I took my pups on a long walk all around Capitol Hill.

Along the way, I was charmed by the historic row houses and tickled by the people who wanted to stop and comment on my pups. But, the moment that topped it off: seeing a vibrant, orange/pink sun setting over the Capitol dome.

Wow, to live in a city with such history and meaning. The setting of so many of the events that shape our every day lives. Some days, it really is awe-inspiring.

On days like this, I really savor living in such a magical city.

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