So, lately, I’ve been planning like crazy. Naturally, I’m planning the wedding (one month!!). But, I’ve taken planning to a whole new level.

I’m planning honeymoons (yes, plural. We still haven’t decided where to go, so I might as well plan for all of the destinations!).

I’m planning the life we would have if we move back to Austin. I’m planning the life we would have if we moved to Farwell. I’m planning the life if we would have if we stayed in DC.

I’m naming my future kids and thinking of back up names, just in case. (Side note: Russell and I don’t agree on any of these. C’mon, who doesn’t like Makepeace?!)

And it goes on and on and on and on. And when I run out of things to plan, I re-plan all of the things I already planned.

And, despite all of this time spent thinking about the future, I know none of it will be come to be. What’s that quote? “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Something like that.

Obviously some life-planning is good—and needed. Like, for retirement. Definitely plan for retirement.

But, at some point, making life plans crosses into being counterproductive. It can breed disappointment when the plans don’t come to fruition. It can blind you to new (and sometimes better) opportunities that don’t fit into that plan. It can add stress to accomplish those plans faster.

So, where is the balance? Maybe I’ll take a break from all of the planning to find an answer to that.

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