In addition to having the cutest, sweetest, most entertaining dogs in the world, I also, sadly, have the most annoying dogs in the world.

Some examples: Max spends approximately 84% of the time he’s awake trying to lick my face. Another 10% is spent peeing in the house. The remaining 6% is spent trying to eat Eli.

Eli, on the other hand, throws temper tantrums and will literally claw your eyes out if you don’t throw his ball/bone/bird within 5 seconds of him bringing to you. And he brings it to you every 20 seconds. Sometimes, he’ll pause from the never-ending game of fetch to chase flies. Apparently, the best fly-chasing happens at 5:45 in the morning. Every morning.

Without fail, at exactly 5:45 am, Eli starts whining to go outside. This wakes up Max, who pounces on Ru’s or my face and starts trying to lick us. At this point, the war is lost. There is no going back to sleep. And so, here I sit, at 6:00 am, observing, reflecting, yawning.

One of the joys (and sometimes downsides) of living in an urban center is the plethora of foot traffic. In fact, one of my favorite things to do in DC is sit on my front porch, with the dogs playing in the yard, my lover at my side, a glass of wine in my hand, and people watch.

It’s not quite the same with no lover and coffee this early AM. But, the people watching is great. There is a mix of extremes out and about: those clearly stumbling home from a night out, with faces of embarrassment, regret, or hung-over dehydration. And then there are people with kids, who are, for the most part, bright-eyed and and at least partially well-rested.

As I sit somewhere between walks of shame and teaching a kid to walk, I can’t help but think how quickly life changes—how quickly what we know today becomes a distant memory. And how, no matter how great life is, we still long for yesterday and hope for tomorrow to come faster.

So, today, I will enjoy today. I’ll even try not to complain about this 5:45 am wake-up call.

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